Dr. Diandra Poe

My name is Diandra Poe, I am a veteran, military wife, mother, and servant leader. I answered the call to serve my country when I was 31 years old. I arrived at my first duty station in December 2011 and within 90 days was assaulted in my home by another service member. While justice was served, it was not swift and without cost. My career hung in the balance and the retaliation and toll of the event, played a major role in me ending my profession as an officer before I wanted to. The one thing this tragedy did provide, was a clear path to healing and helping my battles.

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What is a Mental Wealth Coach? Who is it for?

In an age where the hustle culture can be overpowering and external pressures incessant, maintaining a balanced and healthy mind is paramount. A Mental Wealth Coach doesn’t just provide short-term fixes, but works with individuals to cultivate a rich reservoir of mental and emotional well-being for long-term sustainability. 

In essence, a Mental Wealth Coach does more than just offer coping mechanisms; they offer transformative strategies. They assist you in building a life that not only looks good on the outside but feels deeply fulfilling on the inside. Whether you're at a crossroads, feeling overwhelmed, or just know you could be feeling and performing better, investing in mental wealth is the foundation for a happier, healthier, and more purposeful life. 

Why Do You Need a Mental Wealth Coach?


Mental Clarity: Our thoughts can often become clouded by fears, doubts, and external pressures. A Mental Wealth Coach helps you sift through the noise, enabling you to discern what truly matters, align with your core values, and make decisions from a place of clarity.

Boundaries: In a world that constantly demands our attention, it's imperative to know where to draw the line. A coach guides you in setting healthy boundaries, ensuring you're not overwhelmed or exploited, and instead have the time and energy for what truly matters to you.

Healthy Relationships: Nurturing positive relationships is vital for our mental health. A Mental Wealth Coach provides tools and strategies to help you navigate interpersonal dynamics, foster meaningful connections, and avoid or heal from toxic interactions.

Productivity: It's not just about doing more, but doing what's right and doing it efficiently. A coach helps you tap into your intrinsic motivations, prioritize tasks effectively, and cultivate habits that boost productivity without sacrificing well-being.

Self-esteem: A robust self-worth is the bedrock upon which all our actions and decisions rest. With the guidance of a coach, rediscover your worth, embrace your strengths, and learn to address and overcome self-doubt and negative self-talk.

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Online Resources

Operation R.E.S.P.E.C.T


The Operation: RESPECT Training Program is a series of psychoeducational classes designed to teach military personnel how to be empathetic leaders, how to recognize signs and symptoms of mental health and how to effectively intervene to prevent future issues around sexual assault and harassment.

Trends in Evidence-Based Practices and the Treatment of Military Sexual Trauma


A powerful webinar training session led by two veterans and survivors. It critically explores the current evidence-based practices used by the Veterans Affairs Administration for Military Sexual Trauma, illuminating their deficiencies and potential areas for improvement.